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Apple says that these were the most popular iOS apps of 2014

Apple has revealed the top free and paid iOS apps of 2014. On top of the paid apps list is Heads Up! This is the game where you hold your phone on the top of your head so that your

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InstaVideo Free – Merge music to video for instagram

  Download InstaVideo for iOS free from the AppStore Description This simple app allows you to add background music to your videos to share them on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or any other social networks. Steps: 1. Select source video to merge

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Save $36 by installing these paid iOS apps for free

Download iVaultZip for iOS free from the App Store Looking for some new apps for your iOS device to start the new year? We still have a week before 2015 debuts, but why wait? Here is a list of ten

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Apple changes name of ‘Free’ button on App Store to ‘Get’

  With all of the criticism over freemium apps, Apple made a slight change to the App Store on Wednesday. Gone are the “Free” buttons for downloading apps, replaced by a “Get” button. The guys in Cupertino might have felt

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MacBook Air 12-inch ultra-thin can launch early next year

This laptop is said to be even thinner than the MacBook Air today and will appear in the first quarter / 2015. According to DigiTimes page (Taiwan), Apple will launch the laptop size 12 inch frame design with new styles

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Some tips to help users customize iOS 8 to reduce power consumption for the device.

Like other upgrades, the comments about the battery drain problem occurs when the new iOS version is released. And here is the new iOS 8. This article will summarize some tips to help small custom iOS device 8 reduces power

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20 best apps for iPhone, iPad in 2014

As usual, at each end of the year Apple announced a series of best apps on the iPhone and iPad. Below is a list of the best apps on the Apple iPhone is selected include utility applications with spectacular graphics,

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The update ‘big’ iOS 8.2 or what?

In the update ‘big’ iOS 8.2, Apple will give us certain features? In addition to supporting smart watches Watch Apple, Apple also will pay more attention to tracking the health of consumers through applications on iOS 8.2 Health. More specifically,

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Apple released iOS 8.1.2, fixes the ringtone

The phenomenon purchase ringtones from iTunes automatically deleted from your iOS device will be fixed in an update of Apple’s new operating system. Less than one month after the launch of iOS 8.1.1, Apple released the 8.1.2 update for users

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Apple announced the app, the best game on the iPhone / iPad 2014

Brain training apps Elevate is considered the best app, meanwhile puzzle game on iPhone threes best. Apple recently announced the official list of apps, movies, music … Best of 2014 due to genuine votes. Accordingly, Elevate brain training app is

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