New features of the operating system IOS 8

The latest version of the operating system for the device iPhone / iPad supplemented with many remarkable features.At WWDC Developers Conference 2014 took place recently, Apple has officially announced the iOS mobile platform 8, this is the latest version of the operating system used for the device iPhone / iPad party. No difference is too large compared to iOS iOS 8 7 but also additional interesting features.
Applied health HealthKit
ios 8 1
One of the highlights of iOS 8 is set up to monitor the health effects HealthKit, including tools to monitor the health and status data from the exercise sessions, daily activity, heart rate, calories loaded and consumption on blood pressure of users.
Not only that, HealthKit may share data with 3rd party applications, such as health clinics then the doctor can monitor the health status of the user is more comprehensive. According to Apple this information will be kept confidential.At this point, HealthKit crawl through the device to monitor the health of the 3rd of Nike bracelets but many argued that this would be the first step in a plan launched equipment health monitoring of its own, the more likely it is smart watches iWatch.
Add features to the notification center
ios 8 2
With iOS 8 users can respond directly to messages, email or other information from social networks Facebook, Twitter instead of just track as before. In particular, this also can be done when the user is using another application and the answer is not to force them to escape as on iOS 7.
A new addition of Apple‘s notification center allows the installation of 3rd party applications.Messaging improvements
ios 8 3
From iOS version 8, iMesssage more features Audio and Video posts, users can record or recording fast clip to send to friends through messaging Apple. The creation of the group conversation easier and more convenient.
In addition, users can share their location at the present time for friends while chatting, do not disturb function can be installed for each critical friends. Besides that can send multiple photo and video simultaneously.Contact and more convenient email
ios 8 3
With double-click the Home button on the iOS 8 users will not only access to the list of multitasking, but also displays a list of people who have contacted recently, which allows for the manipulation contact them more quickly.Email application on iOS 8 also supports gesture controls, such as surfing the finger to send email or surf the hand to delete email Also users can attach and send files with maximum capacity up to 5GB via the Mail app on the new OS.
Connection between Mac OS smart and iOS 8
ios 8 4
With iOS 8, when a message or call to the iPhone, users can listen to and respond immediately on a computer using Mac OS or iPad without opening your phone.

Handoff new feature allows users to perform the unfinished work is done on the iPad or iPhone on Mac like writing email, reading newspapers, web browsing In addition, the iPad can automatically detect connection with function Personal Hotspot iPhone if you are in close

Drive iCloud cloud storage
ios 8 5
In order to compete with the online storage services like DropBox or Google Drive, iCloud Drive has officially appeared in iOS 8. From now on the Apple device users can store and synchronize data online in the set be running iOS, OS X and even Windows.
Show iCloud Drive offers 5GB of free storage and can be upgraded to 20GB storage 0,99USD price / month or the maximum upgrade capacity of up to 1TB.

Keyboard QuickType
ios 8 6
New feature QuickType will collect information during user keystroke, which will make intelligent predictions, predictable words, or phrases that users use to complete the sentence.
In addition, Apple also allows 3rd party integrated keyboard to replace the default keyboard available on iOS.

Improved search
ios 8 7
Spotlight search functionality on iOS 8 improved significantly since the application was installed to not install on the App Store, content on web pages, news, songs on iTunes
If looking for a place, Spotlight automatically detect the path from your current location to that location.

Siri Virtual Assistant
ios 8 8
Siri on iOS 8 will always active, the user can activate and use only voice. In addition, virtual assistants also have the ability to identify the song being played, then can purchase songs from iTunes.
At the same time there will be 33 new Siri language support.

Features for families
ios 8 9
Family Sharing feature, users can share applications or purchased on the iTunes App Store for the family or your friends, just buy a single time, then all those in the “Family” are will enjoy the contents.
In addition, members can buy and send a payment request to the other members of the group, this can be particularly useful in the management of parents towards their children. The view photos, videos as well as the location of each member of the group can also be easily implement

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